Fuzz Mutt EP

by Fuzz Mutt

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Fuzz Mutt's debut EP!


released July 19, 2016

Guitar/Vocals - Max Stephens
Bass - Sean Groda
Drums - Jared Hoidal

Produced, mixed, and mastered by George Wiederkehr at Mosaic Music

Cover art done by Nina Panganiban



all rights reserved


Fuzz Mutt Seattle, Washington

Loud and fuzzy rock music from Everett, WA. Guitar/Vocals - Max Stephens
Bass - Sean Groda
Drums - Jared Hoidal

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Track Name: Mastermind
You call yourself a friend,
But tell me know who is it you defend,
In this battle we call home.
You use the same disguise,
And hide behind the same old worn out lies,
Just so that you can sleep at night.

You do not represent me,
Or any of my interests,
And I'm so sick of being used,
Who do you think you are,
Your sheep's clothing is getting worn,
Are you sure that you are born again,
My friend this is the end.

You're a sadist at heart,
And I see that it's tearing you apart,
That nobody really cares.
Love's a forgotten taste,
You can't live life like it's a fucking race,
Because you're never gonna win.

You are the mastermind,
And we are running out of time,
Like a kick to the face,
I feel like a fucking disgrace.
Track Name: 3AM
I am really sorry,
For the words I haven't said yet,
Cuz I know that when I say 'em,
You're going to get really upset,
And my mom she said she's worried,
Cuz she thinks my bedroom smells like weed,
And I don't really know what she means so I guess I will just try to go back to sleep.

It's 3AM and I'm up staring at the ceiling again,
And I don't really know what makes me feel this way,
Cuz I can't find anything to blame.

Hey hey my angel,
Please listen up if you're able,
You're like the cold wind on a sunny day,
And you keep me out of space,
And I am not a poet,
And I'm certainly not an artist,
Wasting time is all I do,
Because I'm just a waste like all of you.
Track Name: What's Wrong
I cannot breathe through my nose,
And I am sleeping in my clothes,
Why did I wake up drenched in sweat,
And why am I so full of regret?

While you were taking all your pills,
I was looking for a thrill,
I was wondering what's wrong,
I was wondering what's wrong.

I have not eaten a meal in days,
Maybe that's why I can't stay awake,
My life ain't bad but I don't get much from it,
Cartoons and Sonic Youth don't fucking cut it.

You can try to say it's me,
Open your eyes and tell me what do you see?
Sure I might write sad songs,
At least I tried to figure out what was wrong.