by Fuzz Mutt

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A collection of songs about moments in time, called COLORLESS.


released April 20, 2018

Max Stephens - Guitar/Vocals/Synths
Seann Groda - Bass
Jared Hoidal - Drums


Recorded January 2018 at Chartreuse Muffin Studio
Produced by Fuzz Mutt
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Max Stephens

Co-arrangement and cello on Track 5 by Jeremy Blas

Music by Fuzz Mutt
Lyrics by Max Stephens

Album art and packaging design by NODRA

Special thanks to David Miner


all rights reserved



Fuzz Mutt Seattle, Washington

Loud and fuzzy rock music from Everett, WA. Garage pop garbage. Guitar/Vocals - Max Stephens
Bass - Sean Groda
Drums - Jared Hoidal

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Track Name: The Doubt
Can anybody please tell me,
Why lately I've been so obsessed with the concept of death?
Is this just an uncomfortable place,
in an uncomfortable time?
Is there some sort of center I should find?

And the words I write mean nothing like they're dust,
I think my brain is beginning to rust.

I need to feel more awake,
But I didn't get much sleep last night.
And I can feel the pressure in my skull,
Anticipate the worst I'm feeling dull.

Trust is such an unfortunate thing,
One second you're here the next you're not and I've stopped thinking.
The doubt will eat you up that much is certain,
Where's your honesty?
Pull back the curtain.

And is it me who needs to apologize?
It's getting hard to look myself in the eyes.

And it sort of feels like a shitty deal,
and I don't know how I'm supposed to feel.
Track Name: A Quiet End
Sitting in my kitchen with my cards laid out,
Afraid that I'm not living the lives I've read about,
But laying next to you is where I want to be.

Drinking shitty coffee, watching stupid shows,
Cliche as they come with nothing real to show,
I'm so sick of this but I'll try again,
and again.

Another broken promise, another lonely friend,
And all I ask from you is please don't strangle my pen,
Get on your knees and pray for a quiet end,
The venom of the night time will bring the morning once again.

Try not to imitate but I don't have a clue,
I feel nothing special, what is there in you?
Take my words away, can't use them anymore.
Track Name: Colorless
A feeling that's not unlike ripping off scab,
for eighteen years a creeping feeling that this whole thing is a drag,
so tell me, is it entitlement or is there a leash on me?
is it depression or am I just lazy?

In a transition between baby and man,
a hollow cry for independence, yet an aching outstretched hand,
tell me why, do all the things that should feel close feel far away?
is there an answer or are we just built this way?

I wanna know,
is there a place where any of us will go,
when everything is said and done?
It's not real and it's not fun and now I think it's time to leave,
it's time to leave.

Never been one to spend much time in the sun,
I like the trees, I like the shade, and I especially like to run away from,
all of the problems nagging on my bitter brain,
your coping mechanisms are making you insane.
Track Name: Life in a Jar
I don't trust myself too much,
tell me do you think I'm a joke?
Is there something I'm missing?
Well i'm afraid I just misspoke.

Where is it that I fit in?
Well is this what I really want?
Maybe I'm just trying too hard.
Comparisons I haven't got.

I just want to,
create something that feels new,
that screams at me and screams right back at you.
Maybe that's not something that I can do.

Well it's not abstract if it's forced,
there's just some rules that I don't get,
I don't know where to start of course,
self-expectations never met.

And so I strive for something else,
this surface is all that there is,
there's really nothing in my brain,
vapid but hanging on of course.

Don't tell me you don't know just what I mean,
what i mean.
Don't tell me you don't feel the exact same way,
every day.
Track Name: Lost Things
So sick of the stories,
push them dow the kitchen sink.
A false sense of glory,
and I don't know what to think.
So sick from the worry,
about things that don't matter,
and all my friends they don't care much,
guess I probably don't either.

The days have been hazy,
it's making you sad.
You're searching for lost things,
that you never had.
And when you get lonely,
you'll head down the hall,
when it's all for nothing,
there's nothing at all.

And I know you wanted it all,
I'm telling you it's all a lie.

Stuck staring at four walls,
your eyes start to bleed,
none of these blank faces,
will have what you need.
And when it gets dark out,
you'll turn on a light.
You tell me your leaving,
I believe that you might.

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